Tips for the First Few Days of Classes

Where your classes are:

Make sure that you go and find where your classes are before you head to your first class. A tip for finding your class at IUPUI…. Make sure you look at the first number of the class room number. That will tell you what floor it is on.

For Example:

If you have a class in room 123 it will be on the first floor.

If you have a class in 083 it will be in the basement.

The first number is what floor your class is on.

Where to Park

Typical rule is to show up 2 hours early if you are commuting. However the key is to avoid Michigan and New York and University Blvd if possible. Also know where to park. Look at where your pass is for… Do not wait in a long line to find out that you are in the wrong area.

Click here for the map of where your permit works.

Click here for the bike map.

Click here for the meter parking area.

Click here for the North parking map. If you do not mind taking the shuttle I would recommend this for the first week. It is easier to get too, It does not fill as quickly and you can make up alot of time by parking here.


Have Fun, But GO to the first few classes!!!!

Have fun at IUPUI… However make sure that you go to your classes. Yes teachers give you usually 2 classes you can miss, but do not let the easiest classes of the semester be the ones you skip. Use them wisely if at all.




Stay up on homework. You can go out and have fun, however, be responsible and do your homework. As an IUPUI Student you will see the first few weeks there are a lot of parties and other activities with a lot of people. However after the first few weeks it looks like a ghost town…. that is because most students try to party and go out the first few weeks and delay there work. However, it catches up and they have to do more work later. Make sure you do enough work to get by… There will be plenty of time to go out. Make sure you finish your homework first.

The secret to doing better in class and on test

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