Believe it or not there are a lot of pothole around the city of Indianapolis. Over six thousand potholes have been reported so far. With all of the potholes in the cities cars have been getting more flat tires and more damage to there cars.

If your car was affected by the pothole there is an opportunity for you to get a reimbursement for your damages.  You can file a damage claim with the city within the next 180 days. You can do that by using the Mayor’s Action Center App, by phone at 317-327-4MAC (4622), or click here. Please keep a copy of your claim, your receipts for bills relating to car repairs, and your registered mail receipt.

The catch is that the pothole has been reported before your damage to your vehicle. For more information click here. They will not get to most of the potholes till next week so be careful around Indianapolis.

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